A global integrated leader
in Dispersing, Milling, Filling and Tinting Technologies

Unique solutions
since 1970

Our unparalleled range of technologies and equipment reflexts the innovative manufacturing quintessence by designing the most automated lean processes to the highest safety standards. From the simplest machine to a complete factory, this technical guide to your investment shows what you can achieve in terms of superior performance: a result of several patents and continuous R&D. The DromontGroup is worldwide known as a major supplier and manufacturer of InPlant Dispensing solutions, Retail Tinting machines, Dispersing and Milling equipment as well as a provider of Engineering Consultancy services.

Factory Dispensing

Profitable manufacturing of large and small batches as well as made-to-order custom colors. Our Range is composed of: Selecta, Junior, Genius, Micro. 

DIY, Point-of-Sale and Retail Tinting

Quick and accurate, maintenance and cleaning-free machines built around specific and unique pump technology. The most recently launched is the Perfecta range of retail dispenser.

Dispersing and Milling

The RedLine, with its unparalleled range of technologies and equipment, reflects the innovative manufacturing and offers incredibly efficient automated Dispersing, Mixing, Milling and Filling solutions.