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A cohesive and collaborative management for DromontGroup - Dromont Group

A cohesive and collaborative management for DromontGroup

An important team building event was organized by the DromontGroup HR Department to stimulate collaboration and encourage the engagement of its collaborators.

An important Team Building event was organized last Friday for our collaborators at the Pavesi Center in Milan, a sports center managed by the Italian Volleyball Federation.

The day, designed for Managers and extended to people holding strategic roles in the Customer Service and Project Management departments, was conducted by the volleyball champion Andrea Zorzi and the sports psychologist Samuele Robbioni and included experiential activities and moments of work in the gym alternating with opportunities for reflection and de-briefing.

Randstad HR Solutions, the company that organized the day, suggested that we exploit the metaphor of sport, and in particular of volleyball. Team sport is in fact one of the activities that best lends itself to events of this type, being capable of re-proposing the corporate and organizational dynamics with which collaborators live daily in a recreational way. Among these, the need to team up and build the action together, the sense of responsibility towards teammates, the importance of improving imperfect actions.

“The team building participants first of all found themselves in a decontextualized setting, the gym, very far from the working environment in which they are used to move and confront with each other. The didactic approach of experiential training starts right here: it alternates practical activities, sometimes games, as in our case, with moments of contextualization of what has been learned. It has been demonstrated that experiential training leads to keeping in one’s mind a much higher quantity of information than classic classroom training. This is also because the feelings and values ​​of the participants involved emerge, which very quickly generate an emotional bond between them and the context in which they operate” says Giulia Intravaia, HR Solutions Consultant at Randstad HR Solutions.

The strong corporate culture and identity and the sense of belonging that distinguish the group of Managers are aspects that emerged clearly during the working day. To these, reflections on trust, responsibility and the importance of delegation were added.

The most innovative companies often resort to team building as a tool to stimulate collaboration and improve the performance of their employees.

“Initiatives like this aim to facilitate teamwork dynamics, improving communication and cooperation, settling conflicts and learning to manage comparisons and feedback, stimulating productivity and the achievement of common goals” says Sara Nada, DromontGroup Vicepresident HR & Legal.

This is not the first moment designed to involve employees: a company event was already organized last September at the Dromont headquarters in Grinzane Cavour, with the aim of sharing values, knowledge, passions and fostering enthusiasm and a sense of belonging among group collaborators.

“We are happy with the success of these initiatives and for this very reason, with the HR Team, we are already reflecting on how to continue with other training and recreational moments, investments of great value for the company” concludes Sara Nada.

Finally, we took the opportunity of this day to reward Mariangela Mascarello, a collaborator who has been working in the Automation department for 25 years, whom the Management wanted to thank for her commitment and for the great contribution she has given, over the years, to the growth of our Group.