A Tradition of Family and Global Innovation

The DromontGroup is an internationally established, family owned company, based in Italy.

The company is currently managed by the Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Luca Drocco, who, assisted by his lawyer wife Sara Nada, passionately guides the company in the development of revolutionary business-to-business technologies and intelligent solutions. Luca and Sara strive for the perfect balance of a family business complimented by local heritage, global knowledge and cutting edge innovation.

Corporate Governance System

The governance system adopted by DromontGroup is aimed at ensuring the maximum and most balanced collaboration between its components, through persistent cooperation between the various management, direction and control roles, as well as at guaranteeing responsible and transparent towards the market management, with a view to creating value for the shareholders, and the pursuit of social and environmental purposes.

The members of the corporate bodies (Members of the Board of Directors, Employees, Consultants) must conform their activities to the principles of correctness and integrity, refraining from acting in situations of conflict of interest in the context of their activity.

The governing body of the DromontGroup is the Board of Directors.

Luca Drocco

Group President & CEO