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Interviewing Dr. Guglielmo Ceccon, Dromont General Manager - Dromont Group

Interviewing Dr. Guglielmo Ceccon, Dromont General Manager

Dr. Guglielmo Ceccon appointed Dromont General Manager

In February 2022, Guglielmo Ceccon was officially appointed by DromontGroup Charmain, Luca Drocco, as Dromont General Manager based at the Grinzane Cavour facility.

Guglielmo earned degrees in business administration from Bocconi University in Milan and brings years of solid professional experience in various industrial businesses.  In this new role, his focus will be driving operational excellence with the aim of continuing to grow our market share and strengthening our core Dromont Retail and Inplant businesses.

Interviewing Dr. Guglielmo Ceccon, Dromont General Manager

I developed my professional path with big industrial groups operating in the Automation space and serving different markets including automotive, iron & steel, and others with specialized projects.

During this long journey, I had the enormous fortune to work with people who shared their trust and built my confidence. I had the opportunity to experience many different roles, each with growing responsibility, including Controlling, Project Management and Operations, Sales, Procurement and Supply Chain.

I’m confident that the experience acquired at multinational companies such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Comau will help me in contributing to fine-tune the Dromont organization, while also respecting the essence and the identity of Dromont as a lean, agile, and dynamic, well recognized leader in its niche.

I strongly believe Dromont has all the potential to consolidate its market position and to continue to drive sustainable growth of the business. In this respect, Dromont’s worldwide presence and its capability to offer solutions to the large, global players as well as to the smaller regional customers is the essence of Dromont strength, which helped us to weather the Covid pandemic without major impacts and always maintaining business continuity.  Such strengths, above all, remain the pillar of our business plan for the future years.

Dromont internally manages our own technologies; we maintain direct control on the entire production chain from engineering through the final site installation and start-up. Following a “full life cycle” philosophy, Dromont provides additional support with spare parts, upgrades and other service needs during the entire life of the plants and of its tinting machines for retail.

As we address the challenges of the current times, we keep our main focus on our customers and our people. I always explain to our young colleagues and newcomers joining Dromont the advantages they have:  they can talk with people sitting on the opposite side of the world; they can learn quickly from their experienced colleagues from different disciplines, they can have a cross-functional career path for both technical and commercial talents. In the same way I clearly explain what the Company expects: self-commitment, accountability, and care.

This, we think, are values that our customers will appreciate as Dromont will not leave any stone unturned to provide them with the best service possible.