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Environment - Dromont Group

Protecting our Environment

The DromontGroup strategy is to educate and encourage employees and associates to seek out and incorporate environmental and sustainability benefits into not just our future processes but into our everyday working practices.

We share the same ESG values

DromontGroup among the 5% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis with the best scores

Our business, like yours, is deeply intertwined with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns.

Environmental, social and governance criteria are a set of standards for our company’s operations and their deep integration can incredibly enhance performances.
We have made significant progress in reducing environmental burdens for our partners through a series of initiatives impacting resource consumption, energy utilization, dispersion efficiency, process yield and waste generation.

In recognition of our successful sustainability efforts, the DromontGroup has been awarded the EcoVadis Sustainability Rating Gold Medal, an important recognition rewarding DromontGroup sustainability approaches in the areas od Environment, Working Conditions and Human Rights, Ethics and Supply Chain.

Energy saving and CO2 reduction

Energy saving and CO2 reduction

Comec Dual Force reduces the batch cycle by half.

Thanks to its double working power, it uses 30% less energy and 50% less H2O of traditional mills.

Labour Efficiency and Health & Safety

Labour Efficiency and Health & Safety

Comec Kynesis, in-line dispersing technology, increases dispersion by 4x.

Developed for high-speed dispersing, it operates over 4x faster improving process time, but also significantly reducing energy consumption. The cleaning process is faster than in traditional dispersers, reducing the usage of potentially harmful cleaning agents by up to 90%. The induction force of Kynesis creates a vacuum which contains dust and minimizes powder inhalation. This offers significant benefits, particularly useful while dealing with potentially light powders.

Eliminate over-production, waste and batch cleaning

Eliminate over-production, waste and batch cleaning

Dromont In-Can Line offers reduced waste and eliminates between batch cleaning operations.

The just-in-time dispensing technology doses all the components directly into the final shipping buckets, avoiding surplus production and washing operations of the various process tanks or stations, also preventing the obsolescence and consequent disposal of outdated products.

Water saving and VOC Free Colorants

Water saving and VOC Free Colorants

Dromont Perfecta retail tinting machine allows for VOC Free colorants and eliminates cleaning.

It is equipped with the innovative and patented Air-tight Autocap and Self-humidification system. The system maintains an optimal moisture level of the cap by condensing distilled water directly from atmospheric humidity, thus eliminating water waste. Additionally, the maintenance-free patented technology avoids daily maintenance operation and purging resulting in colorant and labor savings but also in reducing special disposal costs for colorant waste.

The technical solutions introduced to reduce the frequency of colorants drying, allows the use of VOC Free Colorants, the environmentally responsible approach to in can tinting.

Reduced emissions systems

Reduced emissions systems

Dromont Selecta in-Batch Dispensing system, has dedicated circuit components reducing significantly the frequency of washing and volume of potentially harmful cleaning agents.

It can also be integrated with different accessories that can make the process even more sustainable.

Ventilation equipment for fume capture integrated in the aspiration system and composed by different aspiration hoods, engineered to intercept and suck fumes before they go into the atmosphere and positioned at different heights according to the density of the vapors.

in-Batch Shuttle Manufacturing system for the reduction of vapor emissions. The Dromont Selecta doses into mobile tanks equipped with automatic opening and closing of the lid. The system will open the lid only during dosing, and -when the suction and ventilation system is active- this action creates a significant reduction in potentially harmful emissions.

Anti-bacterial contamination philosophy

Anti-bacterial contamination philosophy

The Hygienic Finish System aims to have all components in contact with the product made of AISI 316 stainless steel and equipped with internal polish finish. This ensures a lower requirement for cleaning agents and lower product waste. Also the flanges and connections of the plant are recommended to be made of hygienic material. In addition to a reduction in corrosion, this system guarantees a low bacterial concentration in dead spots and high bacterial removal during cleaning cycles.

It is a low waste eco-friendly novel solution for water-based paints production avoiding the use of harmful preservatives, biocides and disinfectants.

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