ESG Values in Finance: DromontGroup invests in social and sustainability-linked bonds

DromontGroup has decided to align its portfolios with sustainable development goals and to invest in compliance with ESG rules.

Always attentive to internationally recognized sustainability objectives, DromontGroup has decided to align its investments and to invest in compliance with ESG rules.

Among the various possibilities, the management of the DromontGroup has opted for social bonds financing activities addressing social issues and to the achievement of climate and sustainable development goals. Specifically, investments have been made in ICCREA Bank social bond and in ENI sustainability-linked bond.

“We felt we had to contribute to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable economy. We decided to do it, not only by implementing low energy impact equipment or supporting, with social actions, our communities and our employees, but also through financial instruments aimed to address social and ecological issues” said Luca Drocco, President and CEO of DromontGroup.

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