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DromontGroup promotes yoga in the workplace - Dromont Group

DromontGroup promotes yoga in the workplace

The positive impact of group physical activities on the work team is highly demonstrated.

It is well known that practicing yoga in the office produces results that have a positive impact on workers, work team, and the whole company.

Yoga provides the employee with psycho-physical well-being, increased work efficiency and less chance of stress.
However, its benefits are not limited to the individual worker, but to the entire company: an improvement in work results and an increase in performance are guaranteed.

The most innovative companies often use group physical activity as a tool to drive collaboration and raise productivity.

For several years, DromontGroup has offered the opportunity to participate in yoga classes, held by professional teachers within the company building.
Also, this year, it was decided to promote this initiative among the team, to develop more and more cohesion and collaboration.

“The initiative always receives great appreciation from the employees of the Group” states Sara Nada, DromontGroup Vicepresident HR and Legal. “We therefore intend to continue to promote it as a welfare initiative for our collaborators, hoping for ever greater participation.”