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Interviewing Giulia Cristofori, Comec General Manager - Dromont Group

Interviewing Giulia Cristofori, Comec General Manager

Eng. Giulia Cristofori appointed Comec General Manager

In October 2020, Giulia Cristofori was officially appointed by DromontGroup Chairman, Luca Drocco, as Comec General Manager based at Canossa (RE) facility.

MBA-level educated with a Mechanical Engineering background and a broad set of skills applicable across different industries and roles. Giulia will bring her remarkable international experience  to the Group. She will lead operations according to industry best practices and focus on accelerating the dynamic trend of innovations and R&D at Comec.

Interviewing Eng. Giulia Cristofori, Comec General Manager

Despite the global challenges of the past year, the synergy between Comec and Dromont delivered higher business volumes while further investing in projects to modernize our infrastructure.

The success in earning trust and brand reputation with our customers results from our excellent quality and timely delivery. The integration of Dromont and Comec has been strategically executed and optimized to leverage the identity and the distinctive characteristics of the two companies.

The Redline launch resulted from the cross-functional R&D and engineering focus of the combined DromontGroup. The fusion between 50 years of Comec experience with the Dromont vision has allowed this union to become a benchmark in the sector for the application of new technologies.

Industry 4.0 brings a whole new set of changes as technologies and processes that Comec has established over many years will be addressed and updated for the years to come. To govern this process and fully benefit from its enormous potential, it is necessary to understand the scope and relevance of Industry 4.0. We also have developed a proactive attitude and skills to provide the necessary creativity and flexibility within our Team.

In our factories of the future, all the main resources (people, machines, software, materials) will be in continuous and real-time connection.

This will allow one common vision that is integrated and connected to manage the complete production processes.

Today, thanks to a common path with Dromont, Comec can manage this transformation process completely internally and provide its customers with a 360° service. Comec equipment allow our customers to integrate any RedLine equipment into their existing production process.

This phenomenon therefore affects not only the customer’s factory, but also Comec own processes which have been transformed, increasing levels of technology and control.

Comec continues to develop skills that are essential for competitiveness. Structural changes such as globalization and technological progress, in fact, will require even higher skill levels, increasingly relevant to the market, in order to ensure productivity growth.