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LP Dromont - Dromont Group
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What We Do

The DromontGroup is internationally renowned for the three core product sectors of Dromont InPlant, Dromont Retail and Dromont Ecommerce.

Dromont InPlant success has been built around the long established and still market leading Selecta Wheel. This unique piece of patented engineering technology provides customers the ability to automatically dispense up to 100 raw materials into containers of virtually any size or configuration.

The resultant benefits of speed, accuracy, and repeatability provide our customers with unique competitive advantages, flexibility and cost savings. Building around this and developing the concept has been a core mission and today the Selecta will provide a cornerstone of any new turnkey operation.

Dromont Retail has been built around specific and unique pump technology exemplified in the most recently launched Perfecta range of retail dispensers. Accuracy and Speed are the cornerstones of the Perfecta range and here Dromont set new standards. The significant benefits are most felt by the operators themselves for whom these machines are virtually maintenance free and safe from mistints.

The Ecommerce sector sees the blending of Retail and InPlant technologies to solve a very 21st Century opportunity: the growth of online ordering and the need for mass scale fulfillment and replenishment without scaling up inventory and warehousing.
An unrivalled Dromont solution, already chosen by some of the worlds most successful retailers and paint manufacturers.