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DromontGroup technicians are ready, trained and equipped to face every equipment service challenge with the optimal solution.


DromontGroup technicians are ready, trained and equipped to face every equipment service challenge with the optimal solution.Everything is conceived with the aim of satisfying your needs and building a lasting relationship, based on mutual trust and collaboration.


  • 24/7 Remote Assistance
    30mn response guarantee – minimum down time.
    99% rate of problem solving by tele-assistance.
  • Spare Parts
    Inventory of key components maintained in each region providing easy and quick access to parts.
  • Maintenance support
    We offer customized service packages in order to prevent breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Predictive Maintenance
    Boost productivity and capture extra-profit from Factory Operations with Industry 4.0 equipment.


  • Remote support
    DromontGroup offers telephone assistance by qualified technicians 24/7.
    The assistance service quickly answers customer requests, helping you resume full equipment operation as soon as possible.Smart phone APP & augmented reality remote support to help you for diagnostics and repair. Using TeamViewer Assist AR our expert can remotely guide the technician through the repair using augmented reality.
  • Spare parts
    In order to guarantee a complete and reliable service, DromontGroup is able to accommodate all the spare parts requests of its customers, supplying every necessary original spare part in the shortest time.
  • Maintenance support
    Preventing breakdowns yields reduced maintenance costs, ensures the full efficiency of the system, and maximizes the equipment life span.
  • DROMONTGROUP Preventative Maintenance contracts offer scheduled services which include:
    • General verification of the proper functioning of the system
    • Estimation of the state of components
    • Consolidation of the training of the personnel working on the machine
    • Replacement of consumables
    • Detailed report summarizing the checks performed and any improvement and/or corrective actions to be taken.
  • Predictive maintenance
    Our Predictive Maintenance program enables end users to remotely predict issues and identify solution, taking proactive steps before a problem manifests.
    This avoids downtimes, allows a faster access to replacement parts and provides several cost savings.

DROMONT GROUP, Always by your side on every step of the way to design, build, maintain and improve YOUR FACTORY